Thanksgiving Turkey!


Thanksgiving Turkey!

With Thanksgiving looming around the horizon, it is time to purchase your turkey!


Our turkeys are fed a non-GMO feed to provide nutrient dense meat for your family. They spend their days on pasture which enables them to pick at grass and bugs. They also enjoy the fresh air.



We offer the Mini White and Orlopp Bronze turkey.


They will be processed at a government approved and inspected facility. You can pick them up on October 8, 2021 evening (fresh, not frozen). If that doesn't work for you, you can pick them up on October 9, 2021 -- just in time for Thanksgiving. The estimated weight is between 15-23 pounds each. The price is 4.00/lb.


We are located in Melancthon which is 10 minutes north of Shelburne, 30 minutes north of Orangeville or 1 hour north of Brampton.

Depending on your location and quantity ordered, we may be able to meet you at location more convenient.


What else to we offer for your Thanksgiving feast?


Red & White Potatoes -- $3/ 2 lb; $7/ 5 lb bag

Fingerling Potatoes -- $5/ 2 lb; $9/ 5 lb

Carrots -- $4/bunch

Onions -- 2 for $3

Squash -- 1.77/lb

Chicken -- $5.25/lb


Check out our store to place your order!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!