Vegetable Spotlight: Garlic

Vegetable Spotlight: Garlic

The garlic is ready!!


Grown without chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides, our garlic is superior to any garlic in the supermarket.


This Music garlic is grown with organic principles and amendments. The amendments used in the garlic plot were organic compost, organic fish fertilizer, organic kelp meal, organic worm castings, non-GMO cow manure, and non-GMO alfalfa meal.


The garlic is a range of sizes but it is mostly large.


Pungent and spicy, this garlic is a must in every kitchen. Crush the garlic with some oil of your choice in a food processor. Use immediately or store in the fridge in a jar covered with oil. This makes it really easy to have access to the garlic whenever you need some. In addition to garlic bread, you can use it on steamed vegetables, in salads, or whenever a recipe calls for crushed garlic. For the adventurous you can spread it on your bread!

Add some fresh garlic to your next meal! It is a great addition to any meal that you can cook.


We sell the garlic by the pound. It is about 6-7 large garlic heads per pound.


1 - 24 lb - $8 /lb

25 - 49 lb - 7.50 / lb

50 or more lb - $7 / lb



Enjoy your garlic today!