Welcome Back


Welcome Back

Welcome back!! Thank you for supporting us in the past year, and we look forward to new people and customers in the coming year.


What's new with us?

Come meeet us at the Farmer's Market!! We are attending the Orangeville Farmers Market every other Saturday. Come buy and pick up your salad for the week! Also, restock your natural soap and skin care supply.


Come see us on the following dates:

  • July 10
  • July 24
  • August 7
  • August 21
  • September 4
  • September 18
  • October 2
  • October 16


We hope to see you there!


What do we have growing?


Radishes! Flavorful with a little spice, these radishes are small enough to eat by themselves, are garnish a salad. We have French Breakfast (long and red) and Easter Egg (round and colorful). These add a nice hint of color to a fresh salad.


Salad! We also have lettuce and spinach ready for your salad. Fresh and flavorful, these are amazing lightly tossed with a vinaigrette dressing.


Green onion! These scallions have just the right amount of spice. They are versatile in a wide variety of dishes.

Our parsley is doing well. It is bright green and pungent.


Come to our booth to see all we have in the ensuing weeks!


We will see you there!